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Intercaste marriage problem - The Inter caste love marriage problem is the obstacle in the difference of cast. This is the trivial issue but this is considered a lot when two people think about the marriage which is in the form of love marriage way with our partner or couple. In the country of India marriage is a great significance of traditions and rituals and which is greatly and completely depended on the system of cast as which is created by the people or group of persons in the existing life or life phenomena. This ritual is followed that bride and groom who is must be from the same cast and this rule is made by our ancestors of the society or in other words we can also say that group of social.

intercaste marriage problem solution

Intercaste marriage problem solution - Rules are made for a reason or cause there by peopleā€˜s who can stay happy or spended the prosperous life or life phenomena, the disagreement of marriage is said to the other cast that is somewhere without respect of God as love is the form of God and God is everything and in this world which is powered by the God. Love is not the usual thing that anybody who can understand only the person who is truly in the sense of love and which has fallen from a person or group of person with the bottom of the heart ,so in this reason the inter caste marriage problem is used by the astrologer .

Intercaste marriage problem -Love is a beautiful emotional which are in the form of colors, that is used in the sense of adorn of the life of the people or group of persons.But this beautiful emotion that is facing boundaries of social group that makes a complex wall of customs and traditions in path of love marriage and which is mainly forward by the inter caste marriage Problem. Love is beyond of all social circumstances and wants or desire to fly freely by breaking of all these trivial traditions.The Astrologer is the only person who can break of all these walls of cast with the sense of love or love point of view.

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